Thursday, October 15, 2009

More ill shish by way of NJ

  1. Fatha Ramzee-High As hell (Classic Trenton Shit)
  2. Incursion-Gassed Up (Camden emcee from B-Boy Academy)
  3. Tame One-Doin' Me
  4. Art of Origin-No Slow Rollin (Chinos first group)
  5. D.V. Esa-Breath Control (Dodd Town/E.O. shit)
  6. Wyld Lyfe Federation-Rumors and Lies (Recent J-Crush appearance)
  7. Testament-Hip Hop Prod By Koach
  8. Platinum-Misses Right
  9. Gundolla-If N#ggaz wouldn't snitch (Crazy joint off compilation album "The Antidote")
  10. Zeez (Mr Omnipotent aka Aziz)-Big Bad Wolf
  11. Rasheed Chappell-R.A.S.H.E.E.D.
  12. Sol Zalez-Chapter VI (really dope joint prod. by Maleet)

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