Thursday, October 15, 2009

Misc. "Freestyles"

Went thru some old tapes and thought i'd upload a few of the better radio "freestyles" In this zip folder
I put radio appearances from Tame One (Accompanied by Kool Mellow Max and Jay Burnz of The Boom Skwad) off the "Ova Yah Head" show which used to air on WSOU (Seton Hall) and another session feat. Tame One and Jay Burnz off a DJ CM Burns Mix CD (Sounds like they recorded it off the radio)..
Agu Aka Mr Voodu from Natural Elements on Bobbito and Lord Sear show.. Must've been in like 99' or whenever his single on stimulated dropped..
Last but def. not least Jersey super group Forbidden Chaptaz Sol Zalez, Sar Dupe Allah, Cypher One, Guinness Stoute, Phenom (really dope female emcee) and Blackout

Download here

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