Sunday, October 4, 2009


Here's another podcast of some really dope shit coming out of Jersey.. some songs are older.. some are more recent..
  1. Tone Liv-Da Slump (Perth Amboy/ 2008)
  2. Zeez (Aka Aziz/Mr Omnipotent)-Avoid The Arena Feat. Holocaust and Omega (Of K.W.C.) (East Orange 1998)
  3. Miilkbone-Small World (prod. by Nick Wiz) (Perth Amboy)
  4. Mass-Last Time (Montclair 1999)
  5. Mugshot One & Sol Zalez-Illest to wreck (East Orange and Newark 2001)
  6. Benny 2 Bars & Larry Hobson-Shirt & Tie (Prod. By C-Minus) West Orange 2007
  7. K. Banger-Eastern Rennasaince Feat. Third Eye and Triple Beam (Perth Amboy 2000)
  8. Raw Dirty All Stars-Jersey Niggas Feat. Nahbi, T-Pot, B. The Nightmare, Devon, Doomsday (All over 1998)
  9. The Nuthouse-Introducing... Deez Nuts (2000 Camden)
  10. Incursion Miraculous-2003 Till Infinity (2003 Camden)

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  1. Do you have an active link that will allow me to download a copy of Da Raw Dirty compilation? I see you have one song listed (Raw Dirty All Stars), but the link doesn't work.