Thursday, October 22, 2009

Underground Mix vol 1

This is for all my utlra backpack heads!
  1. Mhz-Combustion Spontaneous
  2. Live Poets-Ill Since... Feat. kgb
  3. Mudkids-Rap Can Do
  4. Darcmind-Seize The Phenom
  5. Labtekwon-No Time To Chill
  6. Edan-Real emcees Don't Need Editing
  7. Poesh Wonder-Funky Fresh
  8. The Bedroom Wizard Feat. Jon knotty-40 Bars
  9. Cadence-What I do
  10. Robust-The Worlds stupidest bum
  11. Jaysonic-Know Doubt
  12. Ayentee-Dumb

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