Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Real Estate Crisis Mix!

To all my upwardly mobile citizens!!! I just made a fresh mix for all the working stiffs out there.. Bump it in your cubicles, ipods on the trains or the loud speaker @ macdonalds.. enjoy!

  1. Tone Liv Feat. Butta Verses-Miss Thang Prod. By Vincent Price
  2. I.D.-Untitled Prod. by Johnny Woodring
  3. Brand Nubian-Probably Cause (O.G. Version) Unkut.com
  4. Sam Hill-Worldwide Exclusive
  5. Daniel Joseph (Espee)-Demo Season Prod. By DJ Brownbum
  6. M.O.P.-Let the horns blow (Foundation)
  7. Camp Lo-Bionic (cop NEW album here: Itunes)
  8. Del and Tame One-Special (Itunes)
  9. Molemen Feat. Rhymefest-Provin' Em Wrong
  10. El Michel Affair-Heaven & Hell (Wu Cover)

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