Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Outz Lost tapes...

Here's a few gems i found while doing some fall cleaning.. a brief mix of some demos, Solo, limited released shit from The Outz (One of my favorite rap posses ever)
  1. Keep On
  2. Get The Dick (Off Bizarres "Attack of The Weirdos" EP)
  3. Untitled Demo joint.. If anyone has the song I.D., let me know.. real poor quality (Came from tape) but super dope nonetheless..
  4. Thieves Are Among Us (off Yah Lovas EP Feat. Nawshis)
  5. Hard Act to Follow (Features Eminem.. Again real bad quality)
  6. Untitled (Sounds kinda like an outtake freestyle session..real nice!)


  1. Of the two untitled tracks, one is called "Murderah," and the other is called "Brick City" (you can tell from the hooks which is which). I did a blog on some Outz demo tracks here:

  2. Yeah, thanks (and sorry for the photo jack lol) Yo, on the real, I learned a lot when u had ur aol members "..humble hip hop site".. I even remember the Outz interview on The Source website (With the audio).. After posting this Outz zip on a forum, someone pointed out that Cocaine and blunts put all that stuff up (well except the Yah Lova track.)So I was able to get the song ID's.. Funny thing is I am in Jersey (same county even) and I had to get those songs from a dude in canada when I used to trade tapes ! lol

  3. you r da illest-peace d.u. from da "o-u-teez"

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