Saturday, July 25, 2009

Some Current Ish that doesn't suck..

Out of shear boredom along with my passion for exposing fresh new tunes to the masses, i put together a more current mix (well, its not actually mixed, you limp wristed purists!) of some really dope stuff that i feel went overlooked (aside from the Dilla joint) so on this sweltering heatwave of a day, i thought what better way to chill then to make a summer mix of new stuff koolout to (Yea, I know I suck at this).. I went a little on the neo soul-clap side with some of it which normally isn't my cup of tea but if i like it, i play it... Enjoy!
2nd Childhood: Artists Creepin on the come up BlogCast:
  1. Rasheed Chappell-The Choice is yours
  2. Ece The Ace-Thank You
  3. Majestik Legend-Thanks To..
  4. ProlifiCal-Rainy Days Feat. The Connection
  5. Divine Drummah Feat. Nas-Black Zombies (Remix)
  6. Jazz Addixx-Stress
  7. J Dilla-Milk Money
  8. Decay Feat. Tone Liv-Liquor (Off "Unlikely Villian" mixtape)
  9. The Criznigz-Get Me Right (Dope shit out of Louisville, Kentucky, no less!.. These guys kinda remind me of a deep south Little Brother. I fucks with this)
  10. Hymn-City Unlike (An ode to the city of Chilltown, NJ)
  11. Grasshopper-Maturation
  12. Decay-Shaking Dice Interlude

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