Monday, June 22, 2009

2nd Childhood: All over the place mix

Here's a batch of joints I had in the crates that i thought i'd share with the internet community.. Some are my favorites, a few not so much.. All fresh nonetheless.. and I don't like throwing the term "rare" out too much.. the listener can decide..

  1. Blackface Feat. Fat Joe (Possible The first time Joey Crack started fuckin with Miami cats)-Sessions (Prod. By Showbiz)
  2. Strickly Roots-Brothas Dyin Everyday (12'' they did on Nervous.. These cats were real fuckin ill.. Broadway had that graspy carribean flavor and the other dude sounded kinda like Treach only more monotone)
  3. R.A. The Rugged Man Feat. Sadat X-50,000 Heads
  4. Slomo Feat. 7STORM8 (Dead Poets Society)-Hip Hop Can't Stop
  5. Ready Ta Role-Taste The Flava (Real dope 12'' from out in Jersey City/Chilltown.. Kinda had that rugged Double X Posse flow)
  6. Dilated People-End of The Time (Off Epic/Immortal compilation... This was most likely Dilateds first appearence on wax.. There was a really dope Dafari song on there too called "Big Up" prod. By E-Swift.. Probably my fav Dafari song next to "Bionic." Unfortinutely "Big Up" skips almost every line.. sucks)
  7. Double X-Money Talks (Prod. By Lord Finnesse)
  8. Creative Brothers/D-Roc, Naughty Ax, Lumberjack-Loose Talk in the lab (Prod. By DJ Born.. super dope shit out of Newark.. Used to get some spins on "Halftime" show on WNYU as well as Gap Town Radio)
  9. 10 Thieves-Don't Matter (WTF ever happened to these guys??)
  10. Supernatural-Buddha Blessed (Prod. By Dijii Brown.. Never thought this cat was that nice with the song making but that beat and hook are lovely)
  11. Rawkotiks-Magic Chefs (Prod. by V.I.C... beat is dope as fuck.. I think Pun used the same track and later Quasimotto..)

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  1. Just listening to this: dope selection mang. Keep it coming, please!