Sunday, March 29, 2009

First installment.. Please listen to my album

whats goin on, i h8 (like how i put the 8?!) this blog shit, but i figured "when in Rome.".. i'm gonna try and give u all (and by you all, i mean the two people who accidentally stumble onto this page) as much substance as possible.. firstly, i got an album coming out via Domination Records.. the title is "Burton Music"
Set for release April 7 on and digital..
physical copies can be obtained threw
heres a decent review i got from the good people at (peace to andy and ken)

"The Custodian of Records is a virtually unknown producer from New Jersey whom is undeserving of being virtually unknown. His debut full-length, Burton Music, is an apotheosis of what hunger for not just success yet escaping whatever confines an individual is restricted to, can bring about. With limited resources, TCOR was able to conjure 20 songs of blue-collar, east coast boom bap styled hip-hop continuing the blueprint Marley Marl created and DJ Premier perfected without coming off like a clone. It is because of these limited resources and the simple formulas of samples, breaks and drums why the album possesses a warmness and soul that seems literally juxtaposed to the rotation of a 12 inch.

Staying close to home was key to TCOR as he rounded up MCs who are as out of the loop as he is with the same hunger to match. The standout by far is fellow Jersey MC, Solzalez who is understandably featured the most and his three tracks, "Stand Clear," "Dropdeesenumber3" and "Midnight Artistry" carry Burton Music almost the same as Michael Jordan carried the Chicago Bulls to their first championship. That's no discredit to the rest: other artists such as Arablak, Murdoc and Shawn Lov grab their fair share of attention with "Hang On," "Sedation" and "Man We So High," respectfully. 8th W1's minute and a half contribution, "The Maverick" personifies the entire album with its final line. "I couldn't be broker, but that's the price you pay to walk the path of a maverick."

TCOR's production is one of very few that has a life of its own and could very well take the shape of a human form, grab listeners by the hand and serve as a personal tour guide through the 48 minutes of Burton Music and as such can sometimes swallow the existence of the vocalist. It would've been better suited to let the grittiness, warmth, and ethereal seduction of "Poisonous Thug Bites," "Jersey Makes Y'all Forget," "Big Father 1 & 2" and the album closer, "Last Take" pose as instrumental showcases of TCOR's incredible ability to speak through the speakers without speaking (try saying that 3 times fast). Regardless, the content of Burton Music stands for what hip-hop used to be and as a glimmer of hope that sheer talent and skill without corporate marketing gimmicks will cease to go unnoticed.

4 out of 5


Download the snippet tape here:


The Custodian

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